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Boys in Brazil take it on!

Intro - Uno Mk3

As one of our intrepid Uno Turbo owners (hi Pete!) globe trots in search of interesting Fiats Ferraris etc. he happened to be in Brazil passing a local Fiat dealership.... and went inside for a closer look at this one! You already should know that Brazil make Unos - well now you do anyway. From June 04 they have been marketing this Mille Fire - which is an upmarket version of their own Uno.

Yes it will look very modern, because designer Giorgetto Giugiaro launched what he called the 'vertical' car concept with the original Uno - making it taller for easier access etc. So the Uno was already half way to the latest 'tall & small' town car fashions in Europe. (That's also why the old Uno can be lowered more than most). From other angles the Mile Fire is much more Uno-like.

As yet we don't know enough about the mechanical layout of the Uno mk3 but there's every possibility of it being identical to the Italian Mk2. And that offers some very interesting chassis swapping possibilities for we of the Uno Turbo fraternities..


Background history for the Uno is here.

We don't know enough about the Brazilian side of things - perhaps its time we did! The Brazilian Fiat engine plant has been producing versions of the 1litre SOHC and FIRE engines since the mid seventies - and we've imported them via the Italian made Pandas and Unos since then. A quick summary of all the FIRE engines is here. The Brazilian engines are adjusted to run on either petrol or the locally grown ethanol. Brazil has also been developing 'green' fuel versions of these engines based on their use of home grown refined sugar cane. More recently the Japanese have been very interested in using this fuel as a way of cutting carbon emissions.

The 1litre engine in this Uno is therefore a duel fuel one - the carb is adjusted to run either petrol or ethanol. But we'll have to find out more about it.

Rear of Uno Mk3 shows more familiar Uno lines

Colour coordinated bumpers are a feature of the Mk3. Note the angled detailing of the tailgate around the rear lense clusters.

Three and five door versions are available.

And the ride height looks identical to the original Unos.

Suspension points also look identical to the Mk 2 - if so that would mean all your Uno kit would fit.

We don't know if they are galvanised (like the later Mk2) though.

"Modern & Robust" is the brochure verdict. We agree.




Types of Mk3 Uno

Pete was quoted $6150 US or about £3850 Sterling for a three door - that would be off the forecourt in Brazil. They come in three and five door versions.

Publicity shot from Fiat Brazil



Firstly we need more contacts - so lets here from anyone in or from Brazil.

Fiat's Brazilian site is - with some interesting variations on other European models too.